I. AM. MOM. Hear Me ROAR!!

As a mom, you do it all.  You see that basic needs are met.  You feed them, clean them, clothe them.  And most importantly, you love them.

It's not always pretty.  

Those feeding times can be messy and full of arguing because...well, vegetables.  

The cleaning may have started too late and the bathtub is also filled with tears from a very tired little person.  

Clothes may not match and may not always be clean because there's no use fighting over the small stuff that even doesn't matter.


You can bring on the laughter.

You can take away the tears.

You can kiss anything and make it all better.

You can be an ear to listen even when it's too hard to hear.

You are the hand to hold when life is just a little too much.

You are the call to make when the most important decision has to be made.

Mom, even on the days when you feel like you are failing. Stop. Look around. YOUR KIDS STILL THINK YOU ARE THE BEST MOM IN THE UNIVERSE.

You will no longer be an invisible part of their childhood. Mom, this is for you.


The Celebrate Mom Project is a way for you to celebrate what you do best -  Motherhood. 

There will be a photo and video session especially for you!

Images and video clips of you and your children will be combined to create a beautiful slideshow set to music to document where you are right now with your children.  I will create a video, much like the one below of you and your children.  You will also be tasked to create pictures and quotes to be included on an 8x12 mounted collage containing your favorite image from the session (similar to the one above).


The session fee includes a 20-30 minute session of you and your children in which video and photos will be taken. I will conduct a video interview with each child.  Children too young to be interviewed will be captured playing with mom. You will receive one 8x12 mounted collage and one digital image.

Purchase only available through Mother's Day 2017

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a mom in your life?  No doubt, she will love this gift. Purchase your session for $200. Session fees are non-refundable.  You will receive a custom gift certificate to print and deliver to mom just in time for Mother's Day.