Are you looking to put a little life and personality into your child's preschool photos?

Kristina Rose Photography is excited to offer Preschool Photography to Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Roanoke and the surrounding areas.  

You Can Trust Me

These are not your average ho hum school photos and low quality prints and products.  I have worked as a Children and Family Photographer since 2009.  I offer high quality heirloom products and have proven techniques and strategies that produce amazing school photos (full disclosurer...that mostly includes silliness like fart noises, booger talk, and the occasional tickle).

Attention to Details

I offer unique and genuine protraits of the children that showcase who they naturally are.  No more crusty nose photos of your child's special times.  This is not going to be an in and out process.  I will work with each child individually making them comfortable and always do my best to get a smile from each sweet little face.

My Style

My style of photography is clean, simple, fun, and classic.  I don't want my photos to look dated.  And with heirloom quality products, your family can enjoy these photos for years to come.  So, you won't see me bring in a very many props.  I like to focus on the subject...the child!  I want to capture personality.  

Making it Work for Your School

We can schedule a time in the Spring or Fall and we can do photos outside with natural light if your location allows or we can set up a spot inside with a backdrop.  

There is no upfront cost for your school or for the parents.  You will receive information about Picture Day with enough copies for each child to take home.  I will arrive early to set up and will begin photographing the children.  Two weeks after the photos, I will come back to the preschool during designated times and that is when the ordering will take place.  Parents can view the photos and plan which images they would like to purchase.  Parents are under no obigation to buy and a la carte pricing begins at $25.

Earn Money for Your School!  

Class photos will be taken and printed as a composite with a student's individual photo.  One 8x10 composite photo for each child will be donated by Kristina Rose Photography and sold for $10 each.  100% of the collection will be donated to the school.

Kristina Rose Photography will also provide two 8x10 photos that contain a small photo of each child.  Many schools enjoy using these small photos for craft projects throughout the year.

So are you tired of the same ol' school photos with the fake smiles and awkward posing?

Would you like Kristina Rose Photography to come to your school?  

Contact me today to set up an appointment.