The KRP Session Experience

You're running around days before your photo session trying to plan everything out and make it perfect.  Maybe you ask friends for help but it's still confusing because you want it to be perfect.   And as the stress builds, your entire family can feel it.  Who hasn't gotten stressed out before a session?  But let's just make that a thing of the past.  You with me?

Did you know with a little bit of preparation and thought, your session can be practically stress-free!?  As a Christiansburg, VA photographer for the past several years, I've seen sessions go several different ways and I've learned what works.  

I am boutique photographer who focuses on giving you a memorable experience.

Remember, I said I want you to have the warm and fuzzies inside your heart when you look at the art on your wall.  

We'll sit down to plan your session details.  I can help you with what to wear, the best location and most importantly I'll learn what makes your family relax.  We'll talk about how you'd like to display your session in your home and that can guide us to create just the perfect shot.  

We can chat over the phone or in person.  Sometimes it's helpful to do it in person so I can meet your children.  That way, when I see them again for the session, they are already familiar with me (especially if you have a child who takes a little longer to warm up).

I am a storyteller and I want to design your family's story.

"I don't know what to do with my hands" or "I feel awkward."

Yep, I get it.  I know what it's like and I'll give you just enough guidance so that you feel comfortable, but can still be you.

We'll spend between 1-2 hours together during your session.  I'll start with some candid photos and play around to make sure everyone can get comfortable.  

I even try to take some short videos during our time together.

We can take breaks if needed and I'm happy to put my camera down for a little play time.

The one thing that I never want is a family member to get overly stressed.  We'll get great photos.

Don't you worry!

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll go through your images and carefully edit each one for your gallery.  I'll combine those with the video clips to create a slideshow for your Reveal Session.

Choosing your favorites and placing your order can be a little overwhelming.  I'll walk you through the process and we can plan out the pieces.

I even have an app that will allow us to take a photo of your wall and actually see what size and prints would look best.  Technology is awesome!

Your work is over.  

Lastly, I head back to design and order your artwork.  When it arrives, I inspect it one last time and hand deliver to you.  

No more worries - no thoughts of "I never even printed photos from that session!" or "I need to make time to create an album."

I've done it all for you and it's your turn to sit back and enjoy it.

So whether we are focusing on your new sweet baby, or highlighting a child for their birthday, or documenting a special graduating senior, you can expect the same detailed process.