Children and Family Gallery

Christiansburg, VA Family Photographer

As a New River Valley Family and Children's photographer for the past several years, I've had to opportunity to work with hundreds of different families and photographed all types of personalities.  My goal with each of family or child to capture those special REAL moments.  And I don't give up until I am able to get that crinkle in their nose or dimple on their left cheek that show it's a true smile - even if that means breaking out the farting piano.

You'll notice my style is classic and clean.  I want to freeze a moment that captures personality.  You can trust me to search for the best lighting and place you in flatteringly way.  You'll notice from my gallery that I will capture posed photos as well as lovey-dovey and fun photos.  I like to have folks to get close to each other to show a real bond.

Like what you see?  Head over to the contact page and let's chat!  There's actually more awesomeness in my process, so keep going to find out what you can really expect from our session.