Fall mini sessions are one of the most popular sessions offered by photographers.  You usually get a limited amount of time to capture your family photos. If you are looking for that one special photo to hang on your wall, these sessions might be for you.  As a Blacksburg photographer, I have worked with hundreds of families to nail those key family photos throughout the years, so I have learned a few tricks to make it work more efficiently.

Are they for you?

If you have children who are ready to cooperate immediately then these fall mini sessions will work great.  If you know your child(ren) will need time to warm up or take breaks to run around, you may want to opt for a full session.

Fall mini sessions are back to back and often don’t give the photographer a chance to help your kids warm up. My full sessions can last 1-1.5 hours and that can give your child more time to relax and play and it’s often less stressful for them resulting in better photos. It’s something to think about and definitely worth it.

If you’re doing a shorter one, here are…

5 Ways You Can Make the Most of Your Fall Mini Session

fall mini sessions Kristina Rose Photography_0011 family cold

1. Choose to dress in layers

Fall weather is so unpredictable!  You can need shorts one day and two days later be freezing. So make sure that the clothes you choose allow you to easily add layers and make a plan for any weather.  Pick up a cute scarf or an adorable jacket that coordinates.

2. Make your shot list.

Mini sessions go fast and are often scheduled back to back.  Communicate with your photographer and list the shots you’d like to achieve.  As creatives, photographers see things in a different way than others so there’s no doubt you’ll get some images you love.  However, if you don’t get that one or two shots you really wanted, you’ll be disappointed.

3. Prepare something fun for your holiday cards!

It doesn’t have to be super serious all the time. Isn’t it fun to have something eye-catching that will give your family a big laugh? Adding a fun and unique holiday pose to your fall mini session would give you an opportunity to create a memorable holiday card.

fall mini sessions Kristina Rose Photography fun holiday card

4. THINK! How could you use this for presents?

What do grandparents and other family members want for the holidays? Pictures…specifically ones they can see and touch with their hands {prints!} How about “one for me and one for you?” Divide the wall art set that you buy from your photographer. You can hang one on your wall and wrap one up to for grandparents. You can also work with your photographer to get unique products ready to ship to family across the country.  I helped a client send a unique photo collage from her session to seven family members across the country. It’s not a “normal” product in my line, but I am always up for making something special.

5. You don’t want a crabby memory attached to a nice photo.

Come with a good attitude and ready to have fun, play, and cuddle.  Things can go wrong when there’s so much pressure in such a limited time.  But stressing and yelling will help no one and the memory you attach to those photos will not be good.   Whatever emotion you or anyone else feels in that session will become part of that photo on your wall.  Make it a good one.

fall mini sessions Kristina Rose Photography

Did you find these tips helpful? Then you’re going to love my 10 Tips for a Stress-free Photo Session.  I go over many more ways that you can create a good experience for your family.  So drop your email in and you’ll get it right away along with a few posing tips to make you look even more beautiful in your photos.

Is it Fall photo time and you’re wondering if I have any openings? Come here and contact me.  I’m excited to meet you!