If you own a business, publish an article, achieve a personal or professional milestone, or are the head-honcho of a volunteer organization, YOU are literally the face of that work. A professional headshot is often the first introduction someone has to you. Whether this is a target market you are trying to reach, or an idea you are trying to get across, this first impression is crucial. Your clients, customers, volunteers, etc. want to get to know you. A professional headshot is the perfect way to begin to share your personality with the world.

Q) What, exactly, are Professional Headshots used for?

A) Headshots are used for a number of different things. You’ll likely see them everywhere if you begin to look for headshots! They are used on company websites, LinkedIn Profiles, business cards, resumés, book jackets, and actor profiles.

Q) Do I have to dress up for my Headshot? 

A) This depends…what is it you do and what is the message you are trying to send? If you are the president of a corporation, chances are standard business attire should be your choice. If you’re an athletic trainer, your workout gear might be more appropriate. There are some rules to follow, such as avoiding bright or bold patterns and iron your clothes, but the main focus is to dress in a way that portrays your personality and your message.

Professional headshots, Kristina Rose Photography

Q) Can I use a selfie as my headshot?

A) The short answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Selfies are fun, they tend to be spontaneous, and some of them even make you look pretty good. But rarely, if ever, do they match the quality of a professional headshot. If you are serious about what you are selling, or who you want to portray, a selfie is not the way to go.

Q) Can I have my headshots taken outside?

A)The answer depends on what look you or your company are trying to achieve and what will speak to your ideal clientele.  We will discuss your backdrop while planning your session. Outdoor photos do tend to have a more natural and laid back feel. I’ll ask you what words you want to embody in your business as well as your headshots. Lighting will still be the most important thing. And if needed, I take my studio lights outside so we can make sure that your face is well lit.

Professional headshots, Kristina Rose Photography

Q) Can I just hire any photographer? 

A) Hiring a photographer who is knowledgeable and skilled specifically at creating professional headshots is the best way to go. Because of all the reasons we’ve already talked about, why would you hire someone who isn’t familiar with headshot photography? It would be like hiring an ophthalmologist to do your dental work. When you schedule your professional headshot, we’ll talk about your goals for your job or business, what’s appropriate for the type of business you’re in, what you want to get across about your personality and what it’s like to work with you.

Q) How much should Professional Headshots cost?

A) There’s no question that professional photography costs more than having your friend take a quick pic for you. But think of it this way, growing your business and your personal brand is all about investing in the future. If your computer dies, yes, you look for the best value, but you don’t bat an eye at purchasing a new computer, because it’s an investment for your business. Likewise, if you want to be seen as a professional in your field, the expense of your headshots is just one more investment into your future.

Q) Are Professional Headshots worth it?

A) To sum it up, Professional Headshots are, well, Professional. If you are interviewing for a new job, reaching out to new clients, and/or trying to create a personal brand, you want to be taken seriously.

Professional headshots, Kristina Rose Photography

Consider these scenarios; You’re receiving an award from your local Chamber of Commerce, or, maybe your company is naming you employee of the month, and you don’t even know it. And, especially, if you own a small business, you’re well aware there is little separation between yourself and that business. YOU are the FACE of that business. Do you want the face people see to be that snap your friend took at the bar and posted on Facebook? Or the silly selfie you took with your cat? I’m guessing the answer is no. So do yourself a favor and invest in some classy, professional portraits. You won’t be disappointed!

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