This was senior photography then…

Senior photography, Kristina Rose Photography

This is senior photography now! 

Senior photography, Kristina Rose Photography

Yup, that’s right. Not so long ago, the only choice we had were the pictures taken by whoever the school hired to photograph all the seniors for the yearbook. There was no true reflection of our personality as an individual, just similar pictures of every senior, posed next to some giant numbers and wearing clothes we would never normally wear to school. 

Today, we have so many more options and I love being able to offer a fun experience that will provide you with senior portraits that have that up-to-date trendy edge, but also maintain a classic feel. 

Senior photography, Kristina Rose Photography

1) Your senior photography should tell your senior story! 

Your photos should reflect your personality and what your high school story was all about. Did you play sports? Let’s go to the field or the court as part of your session. Were you in theater? We can hit the stage for your senior portraits! Where is one of your favorite places to hang out with your friends? Let’s shoot there!

2) You can treat yourself like a model in your senior photography session.

Take this opportunity to get your hair and makeup done. If you know someone that you’d like to work with, great! If you don’t we can connect you with a hair/makeup person. Let’s face it, teenage skin isn’t always our friend…but a professional can help cover the blemishes and make you feel confident in your look. Guys…I’m talking to you too! 

3) With my senior photography sessions, both the senior and the parents get what they want. 

I strive to create classic images that also have a modern feel. I know moms want to see that smile they’ll never forget. And we offer prints in numerous sizes as well as albums and other products that will last a lifetime. Seniors receive digital images with their session which are ready for Instagram and other social media, so post away!

Senior photography, Kristina Rose Photography

When it comes to your senior photography, the bottom line is FUN! Your shoot will be a special experience, unique to you and the final result will be timeless images that reflect who you are at this important time in your life. Visit Kristina Rose Photography today! 

Senior photography, Kristina Rose Photography