I am not shy at all about how much I love Christmas.  I have many fun traditions that we do as a family and I adore making our list for Santa and mailing it off every year.  Many times, the children will get a response, so that’s great too.  This year, at the suggestion of another friend, I adapted this list for my children to use as a guide to make their list. As I work to make life, in general, easier with less clutter and offer more experiences, why not also achieve a simple Christmas?

In the past, we’ve allowed the kids to choose three gifts from Santa.  It was never something too elaborate.  Santa doesn’t bring an Xbox or an American Girl Doll.  Santa’s gifts need to be more practical.  Believing in Santa is so much fun, but a little heartbreaking for me to think about other kids comparing what Santa brought them.  So if you want something big (…read expensive), time to start begging mommy and daddy for that gift, kids.

That’s why I love this list so much because in a world that can tend to seem very selfish, at least I can guide my offspring to think of someone else.

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Make It Fun

It doesn’t have to be a big party night – make it a simple family night.  Pick out your favorite holiday movie, grab some popcorn, hot chocolate, and marshmallows.  I’m sure you’ll laugh as the children talk about how they’ve been good and maybe a little not so good this year.

Think of someone else.

The aspect that I love the most about this list, is prompting the children to think of someone to whom they want to give a gift.  Parents, I challenge you to help them do this.  Maybe it’s a neighbor that could use a sweet homemade flower pot or a school friend who may need a pick-me-up.  Can you imagine how it would brighten someone’s day to receive a thoughtful gift from your child?

Mail your list!

Have you heard that you can actually mail your letter to Santa? But you know what’s even cooler than that?! Getting a reply back!  Included in this free download is a printable that you can use to write a letter to your child from Santa. Just follow these steps and you’ll have one happy child when they open the mailbox and receive their official letter.

  1. Download your printables and print them off.  Use the Santa stationary to write a letter to your child as if it were written from Santa. Don’t forget to sign it!
  2. Put the letter in a stamped, sealed, and address the envelope to your child. Add the return address as Santa Claus, North Pole. And then add your stamp.
  3. If you’re able, you can add that letter to the same envelope as your child’s letter to Santa. Use the address below mail the letters.
  4. Make sure to mail your letters no later than December 10 to ensure it is received in time to get your letter back.



ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

Bring it to my studio for your Experience with Santa

How about this adorable mailbox in my studio?  See it there in the lower right corner? Can you imagine how exciting it would be to bring your letter to Santa, read it with him, and then place it in this mailbox to make sure it gets straight to The North Pole for all the Elves to read? EEEEKKKK!  My kids adore this tradition and I love watching the excitement on their little faces!

mail your letter to santa kristina rose photography

Why not have a simpler Christmas this year? Let’s teach our children that it’s the season of giving not just receiving. Download your Free Printable by dropping your email below.  It’ll take you right to the download.  And make sure to use the hashtag #kristinarosephotography on Instagram so I can see it in use.

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