The human brain processes an image about 60,000 times faster than text. People do not spend a lot of time reading. They look for images that tell them a story about your business.

If you’re not using the right images that tell your brand’s story or what it’s like to work with you, you may actually be turning customers away. 

Here are three ways to tell you to need a Business Photoshoot:


1 – You are using outdated photos.


Remember my post about photography trends? Trends change and so do your looks. 

So if you are using a photo that is 3-4 years old as your headshot, I can almost guarantee that if you haven’t changed your looks then the photography trend has changed. 

So at the very least, you need to update your headshot. Your potential customers need to know who they are meeting. Your headshot should look like you on your best normal day. I recently helped Davis, Davis & Davis Attorneys in Radford, VA do this and it made a HUGE improvement on their website.


2 – You are using stock images


People can see authenticity. Stock images do not connect well. Yes, we can definitely photograph your own stock imagery that matches your brand to use on your website and on social media, but even those won’t be the photos of people draw the viewer in.  It’s important to have inviting photos of YOU.



3 – Your images don’t make an emotional impact


When someone smiles at you, it’s almost instinctual to smile back. We tend to mimic the emotions of the people we interact with. This applies to photos as well.

That happy smiling photo of you or a pleased customer will have that website viewer smiling too.

business_photoshoo_kristina_rose_photography pointe west management

Images are powerful. But they are often an overlooked part of running a business. 


People use photos to make decisions. As a new mom in a new area,  I chose my child’s pediatrician based on his headshot his description. He had a kind smile and he said he liked to garden, so I thought that meant he’d be gentle and patient with my child. I was right.

So do your business images say that you care about your potential customers and take pride in your business? Are you using too many stock images or out-of-date photos to advertise your business? 


If the answer was yes or you even questioned, it’s time for a business photoshoot!

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