It may not seem like much to some, but to many in our community when Kroger gets a face-lift this amazing…WE GET EXCITED!!

Kroger Christiansburg VA

I’ve seen several posts from my Facebook friends about their eagerness to go grocery shopping now and the store renovations aren’t even complete.

It’s the Bistro, the cheeses, the specialty pizzas made to order to name only a few new items.

Kristina Rose Photography Kroger Christiansburg VA

Let me give you a little backstory in case you don’t live in Montgomery County Virginia.  A few short years ago, Blacksburg’s Kroger on South Main Street was built, and well, it was pretty awesome.  It was not the only one in that small town, but it was definitely the more appealing of the Krogers around, so someone coined the nickname Gucci Kroger and it stuck.  Everyone knows what you are talking about when you say, “I’m going to Gucci Kroger.”  Am I right?

Kristina Rose Photography Kroger Christiansburg VA

Well, along comes the renovation of Christiansburg’s Kroger making it the second largest store in the Mid-Atlantic states.  And to put it in simple terms….it’s SPECTACULAR and there’s still more amazingness to come!  The completion date is set for early April and a grand-reopening to be announced soon.

People, I can take my entire family there for a meal.   That includes three children, who for the LOVE of all that is good in this world, can not agree on a place to eat out.  Someone else has to feel my pain!  Please tell me that I am not alone in this annoying parenting challenge!  But here, at this glorious Kroger, there’s just no possible way that we are not ALL leaving satisfied with our food decision.  I tell you, it’s a family miracle.

Kristina Rose Photography Kroger Christiansburg VA

It deserves a nickname that allows it to shine in its true light.  So just for a little fun, let’s make that happen right now!

I posed the question on my facebook page.  What should our little community call this new treasure?  I got several responses and I’ve included them in the poll.  But we must pick only one.  One silly phrase that only our community will understand and that will stand alone to represent our dream grocery store.

We did it.  554 votes came in!  Thanks for playing along.  And the winner is…


Kroger Christiansburg VA

(Scroll to the bottom to see more photos of the new store.)

Kristina Rose Photography Kroger Christiansburg VA

And really, no matter how fancy and exciting this addition is for us, I am still so happy to see all the smiling faces that I’ve gotten to know through the years.  Debra and Ken from the produce department always have a smile and offer assistance whenever it’s needed.  They make the chore of shopping much more enjoyable.

Thanks for voting and make sure to leave comments below to let the store know what you think!  They will be reading this post and are eager to hear what we all decide.

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