As you have read, clients will now leave their experience with me in an entirely new and exciting fashion.  You will have art to display at your home or photo albums that will last for years to come.  Not to mention, make all your friends jealous when they come over to visit!  That’s just a bonus!

photo albums, kristina rose photography

I spent the Fall researching and sampling products that I feel work best with the type of sessions I have as well as offer clients the ability to showcase all the photos from their session.

Let’s be honest, as moms, who doesn’t dream of having albums of our own?  I know that I do and that is certainly my goal.  But how can we really find the time? And if you haven’t printed photos in a while, it is a JOB.  But I know that my children aren’t going to sit in front of the computer and click through all these digital files.  And wouldn’t you actually love for someone else to do the work for you and take just one thing off of your plate?  Thus, leaving you with the awesome job of merely sitting down with a cup of coffee and enjoying your photos?  Ummmm…yes, please!

No matter how far we have come with technology, there are some things that just work better on paper.  I can get my bills in my email and I am happy to not get junk mail, but my photos…I want to hold them!  I want to be able to see my favorites every day on my wall.  And when my kids start having boyfriends and girlfriends come over, I want to hand them albums and prints so that I can show off my family (and maybe embarrass the kids a little – hehe).

So let me introduce you to one of my favorite products – the 12×12 Signature Photo Book.


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So what do you think of the Photo Books?  Are there other forms of print that you’d like to see me carry in my studio?  Leave me a comment below and tell me all about it.