It’s Spring! Let’s Go Outside.

Well, Spring is here and hopefully, the “warm-ish” days will be more and more frequent and here to stay. In the past, I have done Easter sessions inside in my home studio mostly because Easter is typically earlier in March. However, my passion is definitely outdoor photography, so let’s head outside for some Spring sessions this year.

Are you donating to a charity?

Yep, I sure am and I’m so excited to be able to do this!  The most important change in the 2017 season, is that I’ll be partnering with a charity for my events.  For these sessions, I will be giving to RAKforMaelie.  What this organization does for our area mothers is so special.  I am so pleased to able to work with them.  And thank you to my facebook community for the suggestions.  I have made a list of them and will visit it each time I have an event.  If you’d like to add to the list of local charities to be considered, please comment on this post.


I would love to find a beautifully blooming area to make these the absolute best photos. So as of right now, the location is “to be determined.” I will be searching for the prettiest location for the weekend they are scheduled.  It’s hard to tell this soon in advance.  I have a few in mind, but I will make a decision the week of the sessions.

When are the sessions?

The limited edition sessions are scheduled for the weekend of April 8 & 9 in the evenings.

When will I receive my photos?

We will have a quick turn-around for these sessions and you will receive your viewing gallery before the Easter weekend via email.  However, products will be hand delivered by yours truly a couple of weeks later.

Can we bring props?

Of course, I’ll have a few for those interested in using them.  But please bring any and all Easter goodies if you’d like.

What is a personalized mobile app?

We all have apps on our phone, right?  Well…do you have one that has your child’s photo on it that you can easily share pull up and share multiple photos or video with grandparents and friends?  It’s so cool! They can even put the app on their phone too!  Who doesn’t LOVE to show off their babies?  Now, you’ll basically have a wallet of professional photos to pull out and easily share with your friends and family online or in person.

Bamboo Prints?!  That sounds cool!

They are really neat.  I love using these limited edition sessions to offer something different from my full sessions.  Bamboo is a sustainably harvested material and has a beautifully distinctive pattern of the bamboo exposed along the edge of the panel with a smooth finish for your wall art. Bamboo Panels are conversation starters and offer a unique flare to any home decor.


Why the 8×12 size for prints?

I’ve really come to love this size because it is the same ratio as the photos come out of my camera.  So nothing is lost from the photo when you print – 2 inches is a lot to lose in size.  If you are interested, you can frame them in frames from stores like Michaels, but I also include a display easel.  So as soon as you get these photos, you’ll be ready to display them in your home.

What are gift prints?

Gift prints are inclusive of all prints 8×10 and below.  You can choose any “regular” size (8×10, 5×7, 4×6, or 4 wallet set) or you can get unique sizes (8×8, 5×5, or 7×10).   The choice is yours and you can choose a different photo/pose for each print.

What’s the gift certificate?

As part of your collection, you get a gift certificate of $150 that will cover the session/creative fee of your full family session.  It can not be used toward products or digital files.  Come find out more about booking a session with me.

Alright, I’m ready!  How do I sign up?

Below you can choose your time, but in order to secure your spot, you must choose your collection and pay now.  You are not locked in and upgrades are available, so don’t stress about it too hard.

So first, choose your date/time and submit that information.  After that is complete, you’ll be directed to a secure website where you can pay for your session.

After you book:

After you’ve submitted both of payment and date choice, you are set!  Please make sure you receive confirmation emails.  I’ll be in touch with you very soon and you’ll be a Spring Supermodel!  I can’t wait to chat with you before the session.  I want to make sure that I am ready for each of your little sweet faces

Treasure Box

Did you get to see my amazing new surprise for the kids?!  You can watch the video below to see it.  I show it about 3 minutes in.  It will be stocked with wonderful spring goodies perfect for bribing rewarding all those sweet little darlings!

Not interested in a Spring session, but definitely interested in a future session.  Make sure to be on my newsletter because starting this summer, the only way to be invited to book a session first will be to be on my newsletter.  As my children get older and things get more hectic, I am going to open up my calendar three-four times a year for sessions.  So make sure you are in the VIP list!