We are in the thick of the holiday season right now. I’m doing my best to enjoy it, but if you’re like me, you’ve got a long list of things that you wish you would’ve done or had time to do.

Oh boy, do I get that!

If you’re here reading this, you know me and I’m sure we’re connected in some way. I want to help you Rock Your New Year.

Take notes NOW for next year.

I shared a post about this notebook earlier and I still love it. I got the Rocket Book as a gift and last year I took notes about the holiday season for me to remember this year like:

  • You need a new Christmas tablecloth.
  • You saved all the addresses for cards “here” (I forget every year where my updated is list)
  • Buy new Santa hats. The kids outgrew the ones we have.

I wrote a list of all the food or treats I made and it was so helpful as I created my grocery list this year.

Things start to run together for me, so having these notes have been helpful. They are saved on my google drive, so I don’t have to search for them or worry about losing them. So I recommended taking notes about this year and keeping them in a location you can remember.

Taking Better Photos at the Holidays…and the rest of the year!

Most of us carry an amazing camera in our pocket.

Yep, I said it. 

It’s your phone camera. I don’t believe that you have to carry around a huge, fancy, camera to take good photos.

You just need basic knowledge of photography and maybe some editing skills.

I’m bringing back my In-Person Photography Course. And it’s on sale now!  Claim Your Spot!

Good photography skills can help you get Instagram-worthy photos or even help you more effectively promote your business.

Get updated Family photos and have your cards ready to go!

You may not be the type of person who sends holiday cards, but nonetheless, it’s fun to get “real” mail. But it’s so hard to add cards to the long list of to-dos. 

Let me help you! If you book your family photos this year before July 31st, I’ll include a set of 25 Holiday cards. They’ll be completed and in your hands before the hustle and bustle begin.

Not to mention, your session will be done and we won’t have to take the chance of freezing in the fall/winter weather. 

Book your Spring or Summer session now to receive this gift of 25 cards for FREE! Book Now!

Say “No!” to that bad Headshot!

Don’t wait until someone asks for your updated headshot when you get recognized at work.

Do NOT send in a selfie with your resume. YIKES! Or have an outdated LinkedIn photo. 

Obviously, no one LOVES having their picture taken as adults, but I promise to give you a good experience and you’ll have a headshot that you’re proud to place on your business card.

Update your virtual handshake (aka headshot) and you’ll be sure to Rock the New Year with sales and inquiries.

So don’t waste your time this year. Let’s check off those goals early! Book Your Headshot!