Over the past few years of growing my business, marketing has actually become fun for me. Many of us love doing our service for clients or creating our products for our customers but don’t necessarily love or understand the marketing part.

How do we stand out in a crowded online space and connect with potential clients? The answer is with story marketing.

In my sessions with small businesses, I work to give them photos that put their best face forward and hopefully help them grow their business…IF THEY ARE USED CORRECTLY.

It is actually possible that your images could be costing you business, but if have bad images AND terrible (or even ordinary) copy, you could be losing even more customers.

In this digital age, many small businesses struggle to find the time or creativity (even mental bandwidth) to produce marketing material. I want to help you make a plan using a story marketing approach. It can take your understanding of how to reach your ideal clients to a whole new level.

I have created a workshop to help set your story marketing foundation.

Who is it for? 

Small Business and entrepreneurs.

What will we do?

I will help you understand story-based marketing and how you can implement that in your business. This method works great for all businesses! We will also cover a few short photo tutorials with our smartphone.

What are the goals?

You will leave the workshop with a Brand Draft for your unique business.

We will also craft a series of social media posts and ideas for your business.

How long will it last?

With instruction and brainstorming, plan for two hours.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the workshop will be $99 and you will receive a $75 voucher to use toward a photo session (headshots start at $99) or a photo course.

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