It’s not a matter of whether or not you realize the importance of photos. You know it’s important.  You search for “photographer near me” because you know you need to document your memories, but you’ll get to it soon.  You’re busy right now.

I know the value of timing.

I recently got a message from a long time client that her mom was diagnosed with cancer. With her heart breaking, she wanted to schedule a photo shoot. If you’ve ever had to deal with the news of cancer for a loved one, you know how quickly you’re thrown into appointments and stress and mental overload. It’s a lot to process.

We tried to get a date on the calendar, we tried to make it happen, but her mother’s health declined rapidly. She was sicker than they had thought and within about a month’s time, she passed away.

We didn’t get to have a family photo shoot.

I was overrun with guilt. I should’ve gone that day. I should’ve made it happen either through encouragement or… or… something.

I know the value of a photograph.

I have taken photos of a grandmother with her daughters and grandchildren before she started chemotherapy. She looked absolutely beautiful and was able to love on all of her children during that session. A short time later, I received a thank you after her funeral. The family was so happy to have the photograph of their mom looking her best and smiling to display at the funeral.

I know the value of a print.

I have dug through old files for past clients who have lost photos during housefires. I received a message one day… ONE DAY after their house burned down. Her family was safe but in desperation, she wanted to know that I had backups of the memories she has cherished throughout the years.

family photos with dogs, photographers near me

I know the value of including all loved ones.

I have packed up my lighting gear to head to a home to photograph a loyal family dog days before his passing. I worked with the dog to keep him comfortable so that the family would have a nice photo of them with the dog before he’s gone.

I know the value of having it DONE.

Last year my husband had cancer…twice. It was awful for him and our family.

He felt terrible for months, but he held it together so well. Being in the room when you hear that news is gut-wrenching. They start flinging appointments at you faster than you can keep up. No matter the illness, the surgeries are terrible and you barely heal from that before the treatments make it worse.

I was so thankful that I didn’t feel the pressure to book a time for photos. I have photographs of him and our family.  We do it regularly.

The memory attached to some of the photos I took during this time make me sad – like the one below. It’s a beautiful photo and I love the light and their smiles, but all photos have memories.

In this photo, he had cancer. This photo of him with our boys made him cry the next morning when I sent it to him. This photo still makes me cry.

photographer near me, family photos, kristina rose photography

I know the value of a memory.

Every photo has a story. You see a photo and you remember how you felt.

I talk with my clients and share information to prepare for the session. Let’s prepare for it ahead of time so it’ll be stress-free. Let’s have fun. Let’s bring something to the session that your kids will enjoy. Let’s play games. Let’s tell jokes. Let’s just have a good time while looking our best.

Those types of photos will always bring a smile.

Those photos HOLD the memories you’re longing to keep.

Life is beautiful.

Life is unpredictable.

That’s why now is the time.

Let’s plan an experience that you will love. Let’s not hurry through it. Why not photograph THIS moment and let YOU be the best YOU?